What is Coffee and Cars Augusta?

Coffee and Cars Augusta is a monthly automotive enthusiasts gathering that takes place at the Augusta-Richmond County Judicial Center. Meets are the first Saturday of every month from 8am-11am. A wide variety of people from all walks of life get together to share their passion for automobiles and motorcycles. Whether they’re there to talk cars with other like-minded gearheads or they’re looking for ideas, one thing everyone shares in common is their love for rides.

How it Started...

The Automotive Scene in the CSRA has always been big. There are a lot of great looking rides in the area but there weren't a lot of avenues for people just looking to get together with other enthusiasts. We wanted a simple meet that would allow all people in the area that were in to cars, trucks, and bikes that didn't have to have a show car or race car in order to participate. A no drama / no grand prize approach of hard parking in a central location where people could gather and relax while talking about their pride and joy with others. We were very thankful to obtain insurance and secure the parking lot at Sunrise Grill as the place that would allow us to grow as meets grew. Starting out, we invited all of our local friends and told them to invite their friends. From there we started a Facebook page so we could plan upcoming meets. We've since outgrown the original parking lot and have moved the meets to the Judicial Center.


The History

The first meet was held on March 1st in 2014. We had a blast and the weather was great. There were approximately 75 cars at the meet. We were thrilled and continue to be amazed at the great people that come out every month to the meet. Our largest events currently have over 600 vehicles in attendance. It's simply amazing to see new friendships being made, new car clubs being formed, and everyone sharing their awesome rides with the rest of the local community.


What Great Times

Events are growing in numbers as the word gets out to more and more people throughout the CSRA. The cars that come out monthly range from antique rat-rods to classic muscle cars to high-end imports and modern muscle cars. We've seen some truly wild rides as well. Some of the vendors at Coffee and Cars Augusta bring out the big boy toys for everyone to enjoy. Do you know of someone with a wild ride? Be sure to let them know about the event.

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